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Blogging as Part of Your Event Marketing Campaign

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Are you a blogger yet? Does your event have a presence in the blogosphere? Seems like most everyone has a blog these days. Everyone knows it's a great channel of communication to rant about politics, write about your favorite hobby, or keep friends informed of what you're up to, but are you using a blog as a piece of your event marketing campaign yet?

Here are a few reasons why your event marketing campaign should include blogging...

It puts a human face on your event.
Blog entries are generally short and less formal than traditional marketing pieces. Many events launch their blog on the first day that registration opens and post daily updates on how event preparations are going, special online promotions, and what the participants should expect come event day. The key to any successful event is to keep your participants excited all the way up to event day and this is a fantastic way to do it. Your registrants will visit your site frequently for updates and continue to build their excitement level up until when they arrive on site.

Blogging creates fresh content on your website.
Your participants will visit your website to register for the event, but you want to give them a reason to return on a regular basis. Regularly fresh and updated content will keep them coming back. If you have sponsors advertising on your site, increased page views will inflate the amount you can charge for display ads. Fresh content covering a range of topics will also improve your site's search engine optimisation.

Your audience and other bloggers will be able to subscribe and share your blog entries.
A "viral" campaign is what every marketer is shooting for. "Viral" refers to how the marketer publishes the initial piece of content out there on the web and then it is picked up and shared by your audience. It's word-of-mouth on a massive scale. This is a highly effective and inexpensive method of marketing. The trick is to develop content or some type of piece of multi-media that is very unique with the idea that everyone will feel they have to pass it on to a friend.

Having worked with many event organizers, we would suggest that if you have a website, you should create a blog on it. Find a member of your event staff that enjoys writing and get started today. Blogging is so inexpensive and yet a very effective way to spread word about your event and keep your attendees engaged until event day.