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10 Easy Ways to Increase Event Revenue

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Set an annual registration goal, and create a deliberate marketing plan to ensure your success.
If you don't have an event website - build one!  Web marketing is essential in today's events industry.
Send an e-mail announcing online registration and event information.  Include a direct link to online registration.
Send an e-mail a few days before registration costs increase, and include a link to the registration site.
Send an e-mail a week before online registration closes, and include a link to online registration.
On all email communications encourage the recipient to forward it to a friend.
Include online registration information on an event press releases distributed to your local media.
Consider adding online fundraising or merchandise sales to your online registration form.
Extend online registration until just before the event date, since no data entry is required.
Open online registration for next year’s event as soon as this year’s event is over.