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Citizen request management for local governments

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As a government organisation, we know you’re focused on your citizens. But providing quick, quality service to your constituents can be challenging. Active Network can help you exceed citizen expectations without straining your staff or budget. We have technology-at-work in government operations at every level and specialise in organisational, administrative and customer experience solutions that make a genuine difference in how governments conduct business. Process all kinds of payments and improve citizen request management through a single centralised system. Create an accessible, online knowledgebase of important articles and information, with multi-department content. Strengthen communication with your community using built-in marketing tools that are easy to use.

After 30 years in the industry, Active understands the constantly evolving role that governments play in the daily lives of citizens and our government software will increase your efficiency while affordably optimising your resources. Let’s work together to help your citizens.

  • Features

    • Post and organise articles and updates
      into a single online repository, providing citizens with 24/7 access to important info.
    • Manage, share, and store web content
      within one easy-to-use system.
    • Leverage contact centers to manage high seasons
      or provide year-round support.
  • Benefits

    • Funnel all financial transactions
      through one system for easy accounting, receipting and maintenance.
    • Give citizens a high-quality experience
      while providing staff with the tools to track, solve and follow up on requests.