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Intelligent reporting to assemble details and breakdown trends

Do you want a real-time view of your organisation? If you’re looking for something that can give you both a 50,000 foot view and a comprehensive breakdown of all the details, you’ve found it. Our software does much more than help you launch and manage events and activities—it helps you assess your overall operations with intelligent reporting so you can grow your business. You will have hundreds of reports, both standard and customisable, at your fingertips. All data is centralised, making it simple to view, understand and download any type of information you’d like.

Never again wonder how much revenue is outstanding, how many members you have or where your extra inventory went. With our reporting tools, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

  • Features

    • Standard Reporting
      Choose from hundreds of standard reports related to financials, reservations, registrations, membership, leagues, clubs, inventory, and much more.
    • Customised Reporting
      Adjust anything you’d like with simple, unlimited customisation of all standard reports.
    • Multiple Filters
      Drill down into specific details and save the report for future use.
    • Graphs, Charts, Diagrams and More
      View information in a variety of formats and check in daily with an easy-to-understand dashboard.
    • Export Friendly
      Export reports in .xls, .pdf, .cvs and more; or mail merge and export to mailing labels.
  • Benefits

    • Make Better Decisions
      Get a real-time, accurate view of your organisation.
    • Save Time
      Automate reporting and centralise information.
    • Improve Communication
      Easily export and share data with other stakeholders.