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Continuously improve your customer’s experience with timely feedback

To get a good grip on your performance and what your customers think about your organisation, you have to open yourself up and ask for feedback. You may have tried this before with paper questionnaires, which we’re betting had a low rate of return and were easily lost or tossed. And for the ones you did get back, they had to be manually entered into a spreadsheet (if they didn’t just disappear into a file somewhere). But what if you could automate your surveys, making them electronic and prompt? You could gather opinions, quotes and real-time feedback from your most valuable resource—your customers. We realise how important customer input is to an organisation and have built our solutions to include a little something special to help you out.

With Active’s system, you can send surveys and take polls at any time; plus, you can fully customise the questionnaires. You will have your finger on the pulses of your customers, keeping your organisation nimble and responsive.

  • Features

    • Electronic Surveys
      Offer customers access to surveys via email, the Web, on-site kiosks, and mobile devices.
    • Electronic Polls
      Poll audiences via SMS messaging and display real-time results.
  • Benefits

    • Improve Operations
      Adjust your processes according to what customers value most.
    • Encourage Repeat Business
      Prove value as your customers realise that you’re listening to what they’re saying.
    • Boost Revenue
      Tailor your offers to accommodate what customers do and don’t like.

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