Easy marketing solutions for any organisation

Organisations like yours need more than the right software to be a success year after year. Which is why we’re different—we don’t just offer you technology, we provide a wrap-around suite of marketing services to go with it. Our tools are engineered by both introverts and extroverts—by number-crunchers and spin doctors—so you have all the bells and whistles for success. Connect with new customers, strengthen your brand and push participation higher than ever with savvy marketing solutions that are designed for organisations just like yours.

  • Email Marketing & Tracking

    Save some trees when you use easy, quick email sends to keep participants up to date.

    Email Advertising

    Reach new markets through Active’s subscriber base of millions of consumers.

    Social Media

    Tap into Active’s hundreds of thousands of social media fans and followers to get “liked” and “tweeted”.

  • Event Syndication

    Increase exposure with free listings on and our partner sites, visited by millions of people each year.


    Raise your profile and connect with your community with a professional, easy-to-manage website.