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Increase registrations with online event syndications

As an Active Network client, you have access to the millions of participants who use our consumer website, Active.com, as their go-to guide to discover things to do in their communities. Active.com draws millions of visitors throughout the year who search and register for activities and events. Your organisation will be listed for free in our online, searchable calendar. With hundreds of thousands of events, activities and facilities published online each year, Active is the #1 site worldwide for people who “participate,” versus watch.

And that’s not all. We have built both an affiliate and a distribution program that is a platform for publishers and newspapers to syndicate our directory. That means that your listing will be accessible from popular sites like ESPN.go.com, Shape.com, LIVESTRONG.com, RunnersWorld.com, Eventful.com, TotalEscape.com and many more. We have the network and the relationships you need to get more exposure and participants. Take advantage of our popularity—we don’t mind.

  • Features

    • Active.com Free Event Listing
      See your name in print in our online searchable calendar, visited by millions of people every year.
    • Publisher Syndication
      Get exposure through our affiliate and distribution partnerships in the publishing and newspaper industries.
  • Benefits

    • Increase registrations
      Attract new people across a variety of sites, markets and locations.
    • Grow awareness
      Showcase your name and logo to Active.com and affiliate or distributor website visitors.