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Revolutionise your organisation’s interactions with social marketing

With juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter now tracking how people connect and interact, we finally have legitimate proof of the power of our social connections.

Our social network, the “Active Network”, is growing by leaps and bounds into one of the world’s most connected communities of people who like to get involved. Through social marketing, we reach out to our members on a daily basis with educational articles, sports training tips, heath and wellness information and much more. What’s in it for you? Our posts all link back to, where a free calendar listing for your organisation lives. Can you imagine what happens when hundreds or thousands of people “like” or “tweet” your event or activity? More registrations start coming your way.

  • Features

    • Twitter and Facebook
      Frequent daily posts drive our fans and followers to
    • Free Calendar Listing
      Your organisation will be listed for free in our searchable online calendar on
  • Benefits

    • Increase Exposure
      Get hundreds of thousands of fans and followers to view your organisation’s listing.
    • Increase Registrations
      Guide new customers to your website.