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More revenue and better branding with a professional website

It’s an online world and you’re living in it. These days, it’s critical to create a friendly portal for visitors to register, donate, volunteer, contact and gather intel about your organisation. A good event website will be your ambassador and your messenger—it is a representation of your organisation and is the easiest, best way to communicate with a large number of people at once. Market your organisation or events; offer online registration and payments; and spike attendance and online traffic with a brilliant website. Whether you want something simple or are ready for a design with all the bells and whistles, we can provide you with a strong online presence that gets the attention you need.

  • Features

    • Website Templates
      Choose from a Basic, Enhanced or Custom template offerings.
    • Content Management Software
      Easily publish and update online content without a team of techies, including: photos, news, forms, surveys, images, video and general information.
    • Search Engine Optimisation
      Sponge off the knowledge of our website usability experts and see your site at the top of a Google search.
    • Website analytics
      Constantly improve the performance of your website with reports on visitors, page views, clicks and more.
  • Benefits

    • Increase Traffic
      Attract visitors with a cutting-edge design, user-friendly layout and timely
    • Increase Rrevenue
      Process registrations, donations, sales and payments online.
    • Improve Communication
      Post calendars, updates and useful resources online.
    • Strengthen Branding
      Visitors will really “get” what your organisation is about.