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Whether you’re organising an event for a corporation complete with speakers, room blocks and a tradeshow, or a schedule of classes and activities at a community center, you have come to the right place. We offer a revolutionary technology platform that gives you control over every aspect of your programs. Our event and activity management software is used by hundreds of thousands of events, big and small, including activities, classes, conferences, meetings, leagues, camps, and more. Why? Because our solutions are easy to use and drop your work load. We built it so that you can get results in record time.

With our event and activity management software you can manage content online, generate and complete waivers, organise call for papers, and allow multiple people to collaborate and share document versions. All data in the system can be accessed by anyone you deem worthy—whether it’s a staff member, a participant, or your Great Aunt Betty, you have control over who sees what. Every detail is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Features

    • Program Detailing
      Specify prerequisites, instructors, gender and age restrictions, class size, dates, pricing and more.
    • Registration
      Manage all registrations, withdrawals, and waitlists.
    • Activity Scheduler
      Create a master event schedule, eliminate double-booking, and make edits or changes easily.
    • Speaker Management
      Provide personalised logins for speakers to collaborate and submit necessary prerequisites.
    • Exhibitor Management
      Book and manage the tradeshow floor while exhibitors login to manage their personal details, materials and staff.
    • Reporting
      Choose from hundreds of built-in reports, create custom reports and export in various formats.
    • Hotel Management
      Manage hotel room blocks, create pickup reports, capture credit card information and integrate with real-time booking systems.
    • Attendee Portal
      Give attendees access to schedules, exhibitors, and their personal registration details and profile.
  • Benefits

    • Increase Productivity
      Automate event and program management.
    • Improve Decisions
      Access detailed reporting and centralise your data.
    • Upgrade Organisation
      Manage every detail within one system.
    • Boost Revenue
      Maximise exhibitor and hotel resources.

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