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Money management made easy

Financial management software to track every pence, budget every pound

When funding and resources are tight, you can’t afford to have flaky financial management systems. Knowing how to best use the money you have is crucial to the success of any organisation. Put away the crystal ball and instead try financial management software that helps you budget and track every cent flowing in and out of your business. Active Network’s products are completely secure and are built to make the most complex numbers perfectly clear. Improve organisation, reconciliations and budgeting with easy-to-use financial management software. No other software system can provide your organisation with as much flexibility and financial control.

  • Features

    • All-In-One Financial Management
      Manage accounts receivable and payable, budgeting, general ledger, member billing, food & beverage minimums, recurring charges, invoicing and payments all within one system.
    • Real-Time Reconciliation
      Have instant access to all transaction information, always up-to-date and accurate.
    • Advanced Reporting
      Run reports that provide instant insight into daily, weekly, monthly or yearly figures.
    • Tiered Access Levels
      Create different levels of authorisation for multiple users.
    • Easy Set-Up and Integration
      Quick set-up and fluid interfacing with your current systems including QuickBooks, Sage, Adagio and more.
  • Benefits

    • Increase Accountability
      View clear audit trails and perform easy reconciliations.
    • Save Time
      Automate every process.
    • Sharpen Insight
      Pull detailed reports on any combination of your financial data.