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An easier way to manage members

Organise your membership and guest pass sales online

Are you losing revenue because you don’t have the resources to track the people coming in and out of your doors? Or are you looking for ways to make it easy for new members to join? With membership management software, you’ll never miss an opportunity again. Designed to be easy and intuitive, our solution is a configurable system that helps your organisation process membership sales, create photo IDs, manage passes, and track usage statistics from one centralised system.

Whether you want to sell a few one-day passes or have thousands of members to keep track of, our membership management software can automate manual tasks that used to take your back office and front desk hours. Collect, track and report on every personal detail and every activity of current members, while attracting new ones. Get more members signed up and show the ones you have how much you appreciate them.

  • Features

    • Membership and Guest Pass Sales
      Create and sell various types of memberships and passes, with flexible pricing options.
    • Membership and Guest Pass Validation
      Set time-specific or usage-specific validations.
    • Identification Cards
      Generate and print customised ID cards that can include photos, magnetic stripes, customer info and more.
    • Reports
      Track and analyse membership revenue, usage statistics, pass sales and any other data you choose.
  • Benefits

    • Increase Retention
      Offer quick customer service.
    • Boost Revenue
      Organise and automate sales and renewals.
    • Save Time
      Automate processing and reporting.
    • Improve Management
      Access real-time information on revenue, usage and members.

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