Active Network makes it easy

We offer you more than technology, we offer you a partnership

Our technology is built to give you freedom. Our comprehensive yet straightforward solutions touch every part of your business and are designed to reduce your workload and costs, increase revenue and let you focus on what matters. At Active, we don’t simply turn over our products and wish you luck—we are with you, day after day, making sure you succeed.


Get more people to participate, more often, with advertising and marketing services that really work.

  • Email Marketing & Tracking

    Save some trees when you use easy, quick email sends to keep participants up to date.

    Email Advertising

    Reach new markets through Active’s subscriber base of millions of consumers.

    Social Media

    Tap into Active’s hundreds of thousands of social media fans and followers to get “liked” and “tweeted”.

  • Event Syndication

    Increase exposure with free listings on Active.com and our partner sites, visited by millions of people each year.


    Raise your profile and connect with your community with a professional, easy-to-manage website.


Simplify and decrease your work load with online event and registration software that plugs right in to your website, automating data collection and payments.

  • Online Registration

    Save hours of time by getting rid paper forms and offering registrants convenient 24/7 access.

    Payment Processing

    Quit hassling with revenue collection and reduce your liability by collecting payments online, instantly.

  • Merchandise

    Make more money by publishing and selling products online.

    Donations & Fundraising

    Raise more money by processing donations online that can be linked directly to events or programs.


Run your organisation faster and better with operational management solutions that will simplify every business function.


Get a grip on what’s really happening at your organisation with tracking and analysis that’s easy to understand.

  • Reporting

    See things more clearly with powerful, flexible, easy-to-understand reports.

  • Surveys

    Adapt and adjust based on real-world feedback from your customers.

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