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Giving back just got easier

Donation management software to support your favorite cause

Whether you’re looking to weave a charitable aspect into your business or you are exclusively focused on fundraising for a cause, our fundraising software solutions will make it easy.

Our donation management software includes online ticket sale capabilities that can handle everything from a bachelor raffle to a brain surgery symposium. If you’d like to offer memberships, we have developed a full-service online system to drive membership and renewal purchases. With one fundraising software system to manage it all, you’ll be organised and can execute on plans to reach the goals that really matter.

  • Features

    • Online Donations
      Collect donations, auto-generate tax deductible receipts and send customised thank you’s.
    • Campaign Management
      Develop and manage a targeted campaign with online tools to recruit, retain and grow.
    • Fundraising Consultation
      Use our team of experts to coordinate an annual online calendar for campaigns and learn successful promotional tactics.
    • Fundraising Management
      Integrate online registration with your campaigns to take a holistic approach to your fundraising efforts.
  • Benefits

    • Increase Donations
      Offer convenient access to your donations page and build campaigns that strike a chord.
    • Save Time
      Auto-generate all messaging and communications.
    • Work Smarter
      Integrate registrations, campaigns and donor information.
    • Get More Exposure
      Send consistent, heart-tugging communications to your community and potential donors.