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Make money with online sales!

Sell merchandise on your event registration form and increase revenue

Everyone likes to shop online these days—it’s easy, quick and saves on ever increasing gas costs. If you have merchandise you’d like to promote and sell, you don’t need to have a yard sale or navigate the complexities of eBay. With Active Network’s online registration solution, you can include event merchandise on your registration form and add a healthy revenue channel for your organisation.

Get your organisation involved in the e-commerce movement and watch your event revenues increase as attendees fill their virtual shopping carts. Use Active's solutions to move your merchandise, without creating more work for you or your staff.

  • Features

    • Easy Setup
      Build your form overnight and easily integrate with your organisation’s website.
    • Custom Design
      Choose from a variety of templates and customise to include your organisation’s colours, logo, graphics and photos.
    • Online Payment Processing
      Process payments quickly and securely online.
    • Detailed Reporting
      View transaction, sales and accounts receivable reports.
    • Email Marketing
      Send communications to promote your store or offer special discounts or coupons.
  • Benefits

    • More Money
      Add additional revenue channels for your organisation.
    • Better Service
      Give customers the power to buy your products and merchandise online.